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Montessori Philosophy

When you look through the window of a Montessori Children's School classroom, you immediately sense that something is different. Whether in small groups or on their own, children are engaged and enthusiastic about their "work"- the term Dr.Montessori used to describe the activities that await students on the classroom shelves. Their concentration is evident as they practice controlling their movements while carrying work to a table or a rug. They are intent upon completing tasks and they do so with interest and enjoyment. It is clear that they have appreciation for the materials available to them and respect for each other, their teachers, and their school environment.

One of the hallmarks of Montessori is it's carefully prepared, beautifully organized environment filled with an abundance of the highest quality Montessori Materials. At our school, this environment encourages children to interact with their peers, explore, problem solve, and learn by using these unique materials.
Every aspect of Montessori is designed to provide a learning opportunity. Lessons are carefully designed to guide children to materials that will build academic readiness, skills and proficiency. Independent learning activities develop maturity, while group activities develop social awareness. The daily activities teach children to help others, care for the classroom, and foster responsibility and respect for both themselves and friends. Respect is a core value at Montessori and it is evident in the close relationships children form between one another and their teachers.
The success of the Montessori method requires that teachers possess the training and ability to guide each individual child to the specific learning experiences that they are ready for. Our teachers carefully craft lessons that will instruct and inspire their students, while still allowing each student to learn at their own pace. All head teachers have their Montessori certification and many have other certifications as well. Every teacher is also required to continue their education through teacher training workshops, First Aid/CPR training, and professional development seminars.