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Every aspect of the rich curriculum at our school is designed to be faithful to Dr. Montessori's principles of early childhood education and her belief that learning is a natural process and children learn best by doing. The classroom shelves offer the most integrated and well designed Montessori materials that keep children stimulated while simultaneously building their skills. Each student will learn how to master the materials one by one and have the opportunity to work at their own pace in small groups, individually, and one-on-one with the teacher. All of these materials fall into five categories which make up the traditional Montessori curriculum.


Elementary School - Daycare Facilities in Massapequa,NY
Through exercises such as washing, lacing, pouring, and preparing food, children learn to care for themselves and their environment. At the same time, they build essential fine motor and communication skills as they work cooperatively with their peers. Practical life materials build the students confidence by teaching them how to focus on, and complete, the task at hand. These skills will pave the way for later academic success.


Visit to a Montessori Class - Daycare Facilities in Massapequa,NY
Students explore number concepts, geometry, money, time, weights, and measure by using hands on mathematic materials. The Golden Beads, Hundred Board, Stamp Game, and Spindle Boxes extend students' knowledge and move them further toward more abstract mathematical concepts at a pace that is right for each child.


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Phonics-based materials lead children through a natural and enjoyable acquisition of reading and writing skills. Using the extensive array of Montessori language materials in carefully sequenced order, children move seamlessly toward reading and build their knowledge of grammar and punctuation. Sandpaper Letters, the Moveable Alphabet, and Metal Insets are just a few of the language materials available to our students.


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Long before learning styles were formally described, Dr. Montessori understood the advantages of teaching how to acquire knowledge and information by utilizing all their senses. Children will use multi-sensory materials such as the Pink Tower, the Montessori Bells, and the Geometric Cabinet to gain problem solving skills that aid in overall learning.