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Core Programs

One of the cornerstones of Montessori education is that each stage of children’s development has what Dr. Montessori called "sensitive periods". Our programs are designed to maximize the potential of those periods with rich learning opportunities that build the foundation for the more complex skill development that follows.

Toddler Program

In an environment created specially for toddlers, Montessori Children’s Schools youngest students can explore safely with all of their senses and expand their independence and confidence in a space that grows with them. Children follow their natural curiosity while learning to make choices and follow directions under the nurturing guidance of specially trained teachers. Lessons include practical lifeactivities that build readiness for academic tasks, gross motor activities, sensory discoveries, positive social interactions and learning tobepart of a community.

Nursery program

Half or full day program for 2y 9m –3 ½ years old

In The Montessori Children’s Schools beautifully prepared, stimulating, multi-age classroom filled with child-centered materials, children navigate every area of the classroom and begin to experience all aspects of the curriculum, including math, language arts, science and geography. Working individually, in small groups or with the entire class, children are gently guided to the level and type of materials that will advance their knowledge at a pace that is right for each child. Music and foreign language classes and educational fieldtrips further enrich our Nursery children.


Pre-Kindergarten Program

Half or full day program 3y 9m-4 years old

In Pre-K, children take their education one step further than in Nursery. Several new materials and works are introduced. Children further navigate all the areas of the classroom and have the opportunity to work individually, in small groups, or with the entire class. Children are guided to build on their knowledge gained in Nursery by taking their education a step further but still learning at a pace that is right for each child. Pre-K students participate in music, foreign language classes, and educational field trips.


Kindergarten Program

Full day program 5 years old


The Montessori Children’s School kindergartners enjoy a year of spectacular growth as they embrace their new leadership roles in the classroom. In this culminating year, students explore special units of study and focus increasingly on academic skills in preparation for their transition to elementary. Students work with their multi-age class in the morning and exclusively with their kindergarten peers in the afternoon. In addition to music and a foreign language, kindergartners participate in special kindergarten events and field trips.


Extended Hours Program

The Montessori Children’s School offers a convenient Extended Hours program every day from 8:00 AM until programs begin and until school closing time at each location. Participation is open to enrolled students on a "drop-in" basis at a reasonable, additional hourly rate. We also offers a wide variety of fun, age appropriate enrichment programs that are optional and encompass music, art, karate, yoga, ceramics, and foreign language.