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Many parents who plan to enroll their 3- or 4-year-old children in Montessori ask: "What about Kindergarten?" The answer comes from an understanding of Montessori's insights into early learning. The sensitive periods for development in a child occur roughly between ages 2 1/2 to 6. It is most important that their learning experience flows uninterrupted during this cycle in order to maximize the child's growth potential.
Our curriculum and materials are designed in harmony with these principles of early childhood education. Therefore, in order for your child to derive the full benefit of the Montessori program it is essential that he or she attends the Montessori Kindergarten. Why plant a flower if you don't wait for the blossom?
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By the time the Montessori child is of Elementary age, he/she is ready to explore culture, the sciences, the arts, and the universe. He/she has already acquired enough basic reading and writing skills to initiate research. Our program allows for the enrichment and mastering of these basic elementary skills.
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Parents are encouraged to visit the classroom and observe a class in action in order to help them in choosing the ideal program for their child during these very critical years in his/her growth. We encourage you to call for an appointment.
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Kindergarten & Elementary Program: Free busing is available through your local school district under New York State Law and Connecticut State Law.
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Extended hours before and after school are available at all locations.